Southern California Carpool Lanes

Southern California has more than 700 miles of carpool lanes, helping you and your passengers save time and money, as well as avoid traffic hassles. Using carpool lanes typically saves a minute per mile over driving alone, so grab a friend and get moving.

To avoid a $341 fine, be familiar with Southern California’s carpool lane laws:

  • Carpool lanes in Southern California require two or more people per vehicle, except the El Monte Busway, which requires three during peak hours (6am to 9am and 4pm to 7pm).
  • Only enter and exit a carpool lane at areas designated with signs and a broken double yellow or white line. It’s against the law to cross the double yellow lines of a carpool lane.
  • Children count as carpool partners.
  • Motorcyclists can ride alone in carpool lanes.
  • Zero-emission vehicles don’t need to meet minimum passenger requirements; however, proper identification in the form of a sticker from the Department of Motor Vehicles is required.
  • Passenger requirements are in effect for Southern California’s carpool lanes 24 hours a day except on SR-14, which is open to solo drivers in off-peak hours.