Employer Program

Whether your company needs to comply with air quality regulations or you simply want to learn about commute options for your work site, 511 can link you to programs that will help your employees find a better commute to work.

Need help encouraging your employees to find a better commute? Keep current on commuting news with On the Go, the monthly magazine that provides rideshare marketing tips and an employee newsletter you can use at your business.

Regional Guaranteed Ride Home Program

One of the most common concerns shared by commuters is being stranded without access to a car. The Regional Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) Program helps alleviate this concern by providing employees who rideshare to work with a reimbursed ride home in the event of a valid emergency. GRH is a free benefit offered to enrolled employers and their employees who carpool, vanpool, take transit, bicycle, or walk to work. Employers who have signed up to participate in the Regional GRH Program can confidently encourage employees to leave their cars at home and rideshare to work.

Additional GRH Program Information

Los Angeles County

Metro Rideshare

The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) helps employers set up rideshare programs in the workplace. Attend workshops, help your employees find a carpool partner or bike buddy, start a vanpool, or take transit at Metro Rideshare.

To get started, call 213.922.2811 or visit Metro Rideshare for more information.

Orange County

Share The Ride

Regardless of your company’s size, OCTA offers programs and services that can help you get your employees to work on time for less money. Together, we can keep Orange County businesses moving.

For more information or to get a program started at your workplace, call 714.560.5358, emailsharetheride@octa.net or visit OCTA's Share the Ride Programs.

Riverside County

The Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) helps employers develop and maintain free rideshare programs at the workplace. RCTC will provide everything you need to get a rideshare program started at your workplace including vanpool and carpool matching, rideshare incentives and a Guaranteed Ride Home program.

For more information, call 800.IECS.4.HELP (800.432.7443) or visit RCTC’s Employer Services.

San Bernardino County

Inland Empire Commuter Services (IECS) helps employers develop and rideshare programs by providing information and support services free of charge to San Bernardino County employers. IECS will help employers develop trip reduction plans, calculate average vehicle ridership information and provide rideshare marketing campaign materials. IECS also provides continuing education about commuting in the region and hosts special events to promote ridesharing.

For more information, call 800.IECS.4.HELP (800.432.7443) or visit San Bernardino County’s Employer Services.

Ventura County

Ventura County Transportation Commission (VCTC) Commuter Services helps employers develop, maintain, and promote ridesharing through informational materials and support at no cost. VCTC Commuter Services will assist you from the ground up; provide you with regular updates and communications for your employees; and offers annual campaigns for training, promotion, and engagement about the benefits of ridesharing. Additionally, VCTC Commuter Services offers a Guaranteed Ride Home program that serves as a commute safety net for your employees.

For more information, call (805) 642-1591 x119 or visit VCTC’s Commuter Services.