Plan Your Trip

Looking for a better way to get around? Whether you drive, take a bus or train, bicycle, carpool or vanpool, use 511 to help you plan your best route to work or play.

Plan Your Trip with:

  • Bus/Rail Trip Planner: Use a trip planner to find the best route for you on a bus or train in Southern California.
  • NexTrip: Get bus departure and arrival information for most bus and rail service in Southern California.
  • Carpool or Vanpool finder: Learn all about carpooling and vanpooling in the region and even find a rideshare partner.
  • Driving Travel Times: Pick your freeway and the direction of travel to figure out how long your trip will take.
  • Driving Directions: Link to Mapquest for driving directions.

Use additional features to plan the trip that’s right for you:

511 gives you freeway drive times and freeway speeds along your route and will also tell you if there is road construction or a traffic incident ahead. You can also view real-time traffic cameras along major freeways in Southern California.

Buses and Trains
511 is your one-stop source for bus, subway and train information in Southern California. Use our Trip Planner to find the best route for your trip or the Find a Transit Provider tool to find bus or train service near you.

Carpool and Vanpool (Commuter Services)
Find the best way to commute to work with 511. Find a Park & Ride lot near your home and even help your employer organize a rideshare program at your workplace.

Find Southern California bicycle maps, learn how to take your bike on buses and trains, get information on bike safety and more. Also link to area airports and taxi services.

Call 511
In addition to using, you can plan your trip by calling 511. Call 511 from anywhere in Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura counties from a landline or a cell phone. Simple instructions will guide you to the information you need – you can use your touch tone key pad or just say what you want and 511 will understand you.

It’s easy. Simply say what you want: Traffic, Public Transit or Commute Services. To get the information faster, be more specific. You can say something like: “Traffic on the 405”, “Buses in Santa Monica” or “Find a carpool partner.” 511 will give you the information you need or will transfer you to someone who can help.

For more information on calling 511, visit 511 On The Phone.