Bikes on Transit

Bikes on Transit 

Most transit agencies in Southern California accommodate bikes on buses and trains. Each agency has rules for bikes on transit, so be sure to check with your transit provider before taking your trip.

You can also take your bike on Metrolink, the region’s commuter train system. If you board with your bike, please use the bicycle latches located on the opposite end from the train’s restroom in each car to secure your bicycle. Motorized or 3-wheel bikes are not allowed, and note there’s only room for two bicycles per train car.

Los Angeles County 

Metro welcomes bikes on rail and bus services.

Bicycles are allowed on Metro Rail with some restrictions during peak hours.

Bicycle racks on Metro buses are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you leave your bike on a bus, please check the Metro Lost & Found to retrieve it.

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Orange County 

Bicycle racks are installed on all OCTA fixed-route buses, providing capacity for two bicycles per bus. Some other transit providers in Orange County, such as the i Shuttle in Irvine, also have similar bicycle racks on their buses.

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San Bernardino County 

Bicycle racks were installed on Omnitrans' buses in 1996. There is no extra charge for bringing your bike along. Your bike rides free.

Riverside County

RTA’s Bikes On Bus program features bike racks on all fixed-route buses. All you have to do is ride your bike to the nearest RTA bus stop, load your bike onto the bike rack and go to your destination.