Southern California Transit News

Outsmarting traffic is about to get easier. A new customizable 511 is coming in the summer of 2017. The new 511 will improve the overall customer experience across all 511 platforms. The new 511 will integrate the phone, web, and mobile app and will allow you save your favorite settings to pick up at home or on the go! Go 511 the best way that meets your needs.

Some of the new phone features include:

  • 511’s newly designed interface enhances the user experience by including improved navigation of the IVR menus, and the ability to find information faster.
  • The all-new 511 traffic report provides up-to-date traveler information throughout the region.
  • You’ll hear customized traffic reports based on the travel routes you’ve saved on
The new Web and Mobile Application features include:
  • Cross-Platform Personalization: Use 511 at home or on the go. Create your profile on and your travel information will be automatically shared on the mobile app and phone service.
  • Real-Time Traffic Map: Before you plan your trip, check the real-time traffic map for current travel speeds and incidents.
  • Multi-Modal Trip Planner: Whether you roll or step, plan your trip and choose the best mode for you.
  • Real-Time Arrivals: Stay in the know and avoid the stress. With real-time arrival information, you’ll never have to guess when your bus or train is arriving.
  • Multi-Language Support: Multi-language support makes traveling throughout the region easy for everyone.
  • VetsGo511 Integration: The full integration of VetsGo511 into means you can carry over the features and personalization you love on one to the other.
  • WAZE Data: Viewing Waze travel data on the 511 map provides you the largest integrated travel map in the region, with real-time information at the palm of your hands.
  • Social Media Integration: We want to hear from you. Check out 511 on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Mobile Text Messaging: Create a profile with your customized routes, and 511 will text you traffic incidents that affect your travel.

What changes are coming to 511 on the phone?

LA SAFE will deploy a new 511 traveler information phone service.  Callers will still be able to get all the automated information they could before, including traffic reports, transit schedules, and Motorist Aid. Also, callers will be able to transfer their call to a transit agency or Metro Express Lanes, get information on Carpool, Vanpool, Bicycling and Los Angeles Parking, Metrolink, and Access Services.

What will be different about 511 on the phone?

Callers will now hear the most important, up-to-date traveler information without having to navigate a complicated list of choices.   The new phone system will enhance the user experience by including  improved navigation of the menus, and the ability to find information faster.  Also, you will notice the voice sounds different when you call 511.  That is because LA SAFE has improved the system to operate more efficiently, with a computerized voice that can provide up-to-date information without having to record new words or sentences. 

Dial 511, visit, or download the Go511 mobile app for all your traveler needs.