511 Improvements

We've received a lot of feedback from you, our users, and have learned some great things. Thank you! Below is a list of improvements we've made to 511 thanks to you:

1. Clarifying traffic information reports:

  • 511 will now repeat the freeway name you've asked about to confirm that you're hearing the traffic report for your requested freeway.
    Note: Traffic information is provided on a "segment" basis, meaning from freeway interchange to freeway interchange. So when you tell 511 an exit name, 511 will tell you the average speed of traffic on the segment you ask about. 511 will also give you the travel times for the segment asked about and two segments ahead.

2. Validating traffic information:

  • Sometimes we don't always have traffic information for the area you've asked about. We are looking into these issues, and will continue to monitor the data to make sure we have as much freeway traffic information coverage as possible.

3. Preventing incorrect transfers:

  • Some people reported that 511 transferred them to the wrong place. We've made some changes that make this less likely to occur, and we will continue to monitor this in the coming future.

4. Improving recognition:

  • Sometimes 511 will have a difficult time understanding what you're saying, and we are working to help correct this issue by pinpointing and correcting words that are hard for 511 to understand.
    Note: Please remember to eliminate as much background noise as possible when calling 511. This, along with simply answering 511's questions, will help 511 understand you better.

5. Connecting to 511

  • If you are having trouble connecting to 511, simply call 877.22.Go511 (877.224.6511). If your phone does not connect you to 511, please let us know.

We are always accepting feedback. Please let us know what you think, it helps us improve 511. Please note that we have received an unprecedented amount of feedback messages, and we are working hard to respond to your feedback as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.