Road Work

Easily learn if road work is being performed on your LA commute with 511’s live road work traffic reports. Simply select your freeway below to learn if your Los Angeles area commute is affected.

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CountyRoadwayDirectionLocationDescriptionPlanned Start to EndLanes Affected 
Orange SR-91 West Between N Lakeview Ave and N Tustin Ave Roadwork 10:01pm, 5/3/16 to
7:59am, 5/7/16
Left Shoulder, 3, Ramp
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Orange SR-74 East Between Hunt Club Dr/Via Cordova and La Pata Ave/Antonio Pky Roadwork 9:01pm, 5/4/16 to
5:01am, 5/5/16
1, Right Shoulder
Orange SR-22 East Between Garden Grove Blvd and Valley View St Roadwork 9:01am, 5/4/16 to
12:01pm, 5/4/16
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Orange SR-55 North Near E Nohl Ranch Rd Roadwork 10:01pm, 5/4/16 to
3:59am, 5/5/16
1, 2
Orange SR-73 North Between University Dr S and Bison Ave Roadwork 9:01pm, 5/4/16 to
6:01am, 5/7/16
Left Shoulder, 1, 2, 3, Ramp, Right Shoulder
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Orange I-5 South Near La Paz Rd Closed to traffic 10:54pm, 5/3/16
Until Further Notice
Not available
Orange SR-1 North Between Warner Ave and Seal Beach Blvd Roadwork 9:01am, 5/4/16 to
3:01pm, 5/4/16
Orange SR-22 East Near Garden Grove Blvd Closed to traffic on off-ramp 9:01am, 5/4/16 to
12:01pm, 5/4/16
Not available
Orange I-5 North/South Between Avenida Vista Hermosa and Camino De Estrella Roadwork 10:01pm, 5/3/16 to
8:01am, 5/8/16
2, 3, 4, Ramp
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Orange SR-22 East/West Between Harbor Blvd and Yockey St Roadwork 10:01pm, 5/3/16 to
6:59am, 5/8/16
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Ramp
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Data last updated: 4:37am, 5/4/16